Differences Between Limbo and Other Platformers

Limbo was an interesting game, no doubt. It had a very deep story behind it, yet it was never once directly mentioned in the game. (Besides that one sentence: “A boy goes into the woods to find his little sister.”) It was through its great use of color and sound that made the game feel a lot more emotional than any other platformer game I had ever played before. Now, it was not a very difficult game, it only took me a couple of hours to pass and only died a handful of times. Compared to any Mega-man game out there this was probably a 4 in a 1 to 10 difficulty scale, but it was definitely the most memorable platformer game I have played to date. Like I stated before this game was certainly more emotional and deep than the usual platformer. Though I attribute this partially to the lack of deep story driven platformers. In fact, if you look historically most if not all the popular platformers in video game history have a heroic main character. For example, Mario saving princess Peach from Bowser or Megaman and Sonic saving the world from a mad scientist. On the other hand, in Limbo though the main mission may be to find your sister in the woods, the game does not have a happy ending. In fact, it has no ending at all, because as you find out the boy’s limbo is to continue searching for his lost sister. When he comes close to finding her, he goes back to square one. Another way of looking at it is that the little boy dies in the woods while searching for his lost sister. Shortly after he awakens (beginning of the game) he continues looking for her on the realm of the dead were he indeed finds her. If you go with this theory, than you can see how Limbo’s story can be said to run opposite of the popular platformers (especially the most popular Super Mario Bros.), were saving a damsel in distress ends with a happy ending.



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