Final Post

I wanted to make a final post incase I missed a post I didn’t do but mainly to talk about the class as a whole.  I think this class as been really great!  It was so nice to have something new on my schedule.  I think it was a very unique way to take a class and I would love to do something like it again.  To begin with I loved how we were given the goal to make the class like a game.  In my mind this made me very excited for what the class had in store for it.  A lot of classes in lecture rooms are just that, lecture classes.  I feel like we were given the opportunity to speak our mind and make the class fun.

Reading V for Vedetta was awesome!  I have never been in a class that asked me to read a graphic novel and it personally allowed me to get more into it.  The class was able to have some pretty deep conversations on the development of characters and all kinds of aspects of the book.  The same goes with Limbo, and the game presentation.  Are you telling me I have to play a video game for class?  I actually get to do something I enjoy and then present about it?  To me that is why this class was successful.  It allowed us college students with crazy study and work schedules time to do things we like, but then talk about those things  in a more scholarly manner.  I think it was a good start to a course that can develop over time to something even more complex.


Thank you!



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